Can We Talk About…. Cold Ass February’s?

Okay we are eight days into February and I have given it a chance but it is cold and rainy as f**k outside… What the hell… April is not for another 51 days what is with all the god damn rain and the cold as balls temperatures.

I thought this was meant to be Spring time when things are re-born and have new life and everything starts to look nice and bright and alive again, instead we are treated to grey, dreary ass days with either constant misty rain which DROWNS a person or windy ass conditions that leave you wanting to live your life from bed, who would be inspired to conquer a Monday for example looking out the window at that shit.

Now we have Valentines days coming around the corner and I will be expected to be excited about that? PLEASE… Valentines is met with contempt from me every year and that sure as hell is not gonna be helped by this depressing weather we are being treated to outside.

So Mother Nature throw me a frickin’ bone and sort out a bit of light and clear skies otherwise I will not make it as a fully functioning human to Pancake Tuesday.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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