Can We Talk About… Ed Sheeran’s Music Return?

Extremely talented, popular, down to earth, modest you can now add true to his word to the list of things to describe Ed Sheeran. Just over a year since he announced a ‘spotlight/social media break’ Ed unveiled BRAND NEW music to us on Friday, with not just one song, but two new tracks hitting streaming services and radio waves all over the world.

After what must be 500 millions listens to said tracks, it is safe to say Mr Sheeran’s little break was beyond worth the wait. Both tracks are extremely rooted in the everyday being ridiculously relatable to numerous demographics its crazy the far-reaching powers of this guys’ music. Both songs are also quintessentially Ed, the melodies and clever lyrics clearly could have only come from you person, that being the demi-god that is Ed.

Ed first teased us about new music on New Years Day and delivered on Friday the 6th with the singles Shape of You and Castle on the Hill which leaves just one massive question that needs answering….. album Ed, album!! Is Ed’s third release just around the corner or will he keep us hooked with some more single offerings?

I for one do not think I possess the patience to wait any significant level of time before a full length album is introduced to my airwaves, so Ed please a year is enough stop that messing now and lets kick off 2017 right with a full length album like ASAP, yesterday would be good….

Sounding off and Signing off!

The Sounder xo


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