Can We Talk About….. New Years?

Apologies on the lack of posts for the last two weeks, I have come back home for Christmas and needed to recover… I am no longer a fish out of water in the midst of Downtown LA so the tone of things may become more general. In keeping with that let’s get down to business on our newest Sounding Off topic…. New Years Eve.

What a croc of shit! A night always filled with so much hype and promise until the countdown is over and everyone realises oh wait it’s actually the same as ANY other night why all the god damn fuss…. This is still the same nightclub… Still the same drinking I am drinking etc.., yet we pay premiums for the same shit and to achieve what? Nothing.

The anti-climax brings a thundering halt to any good vibes for the night and leads you to feeling a bit mugged off by NYE, this guy will be going in with expectations at below ground level so even a mildly okay night will best what I am expecting.

And the good news is I throughly enjoyed myself, I went in eyes open with no notions of what the night will be and to say it was probably my favourite New Years is quite accurate, so everyone lesson learned once you realise the hype and drama of New Years Eve is just a load a bullshit, you can actually start enjoying it… join me won’t you… come to the dark side.

Sounding off and Signing off.

The Sounder xo


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