Can We Talk About…. X Factor?

Simon Cowell’s reality juggernaut completed its most recent season in the UK on Sunday, where Simon sits as a judge and it was the lowest rated final in the X Factor UK’s history. As an avid fan this makes me sad….but not surprised….

Simon’s return to the X Factor UK after three years away judging X Factor USA along with national treasure Cheryl Cole, Versini-Fernandez, Tweedy etc.., was met with much fan fare but the rating increase back to previous heights (2010 their last season as judges was the highest rated in the X Factor UK’s history) did not materialise and the ratings have continued to drop below the levels of the judging panel without Cowell!

Which poses this interesting question for me as a major fan of the format…. should Cowell return to give X Factor USA another go? I mean after so many years be THE reality judge in the UK maybe letting another judge take up the head judge role on the X Factor UK could breath some new life into the show and result in killer ratings. For example when Gary Barlow took over the head judge mantle from Simon for three series the ratings were much improved on where they are today. If Simon could lure a big name act into the head judges chair it could be just what the show needs….

Plus, I think we could see a win/win for Simon, let me explain. If a new head judge did give X Factor UK improved ratings great but what would Simon do you ask… well it is no secret Simon had much higher hopes for X Factor USA that never materialised ratings-wise at least. However, the X Factor launched during the height of The Voice’s ratings leadership and while American Idol was still a formidable force and ABC was still throwing some weight behind getting a reality singing competition off the ground…. perhaps the X Factor was suffered the effect of over saturation and people just stuck with what they knew i.e. The Voice and American Idol, but with American Idol now taken its final bow and The Voice’s ratings waning due to over exposure by NBC (twice a f**king year NBC really) now could be the perfect time for the X Factor USA to return, revitalised and with America’s favourite Mr Nasty and achieve a better share of the ratings pie.

Fox could definitely use the ratings given its current situation with their only bright spot being Empire… though hopes are high for the 24 reboot and Star in the new year. With no American Idol, Fox could totally make use of a talent contest with the brand name of the X Factor giving Simon’s original format its time to shine so to speak in the American spotlight. With Simon on the judging panel, and proper Simon who is honest, scathing and truthful not this PG version of late and a really strong panel around him, suggestions… Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Louis Tomilson (all of which have served as either full-time judge or guests judges before), Simon could taste success on both sides of the Atlantic again.

Simon call Fox… Fox call Simon… Simon call ITV…. make this happen

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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