Can We Talk About…. Retail Workers at Christmas?

I mean honestly…. who needs or desires that level of niceness in their lives? I mean it is a tough pill to swallow on a normal day but its like on the Holiday season retail workers are force-fed speed or something they are sickeningly nice and it makes me wanna poke out my ears with chopsticks and bite off my own ears… if that were possible.

Do I blame the worker themselves? In most cases no I get that ridiculous behaviour is put in place and encouraged by management but that still does not make it okay… Do people honestly enjoy this fake ass nicey nice act as if the person has just been possessed by Barney the Dinosaur? Surely everyone is with me on this one.. look do I want some rude ass dick wrecking the somewhat ‘cheery’ holiday spirit I have obviously not… I just want a human being level of niceness not this cyborg of personified joy.

A hello, finding everything okay, how is your day and bye is perfectly acceptable for two strangers to exchange in a retail setting, I am down with that, that is all ANY reasonable HUMAN needs or wants and to the people encouraging this kind of shit take a look in the mirror and review your life cause you are living in a world of clouds and candy, grow the f**k up… Christ…

Knowing my luck this will inspire half the American retail workforce to turn into an army of Anti-Christs and be rude as f**k in what is the most retail heavy portion of the year then I will be on here sounding off about that…. but if we could find a happy medium between rude AF and sickeningly sweet we could be on to a winner!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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