Can We Talk About…. Water?

Will it never end with this country and f**king up perfectly good drinks…. first milk then beer now this, water, a necessity to live. Truth be told I am still more pissed about the beer but look lets stay on topic.

I cannot explain the taste its like its stale water if that was at all possible it doesn’t seem fresh at all. Bottled water, filtered water, tap they are all weird as f**k and why what the hell need is their to add shit to water and what god damn shit is being added.

I wake in the morning and I love nothing more than to quench my thirst with a lovely ice-cold glass of water, kick my day off right what more could a man ask for…. instead some slop arrives in my glass which quenches nothing… I would rather just drink cement!

My eternal struggle to climatise to my new surroundings just seems never-ending but surely water is something that is next to universal in most first world countries, alas no America well done that is beer, chineses and water you have ruined for me… well done…. count yourselves very lucky your amazing weather, ice cream, candy and lifestyle is making me stick around… F**king Mer-Ka.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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