Can We Talk About…. Beer?

I do love a good pint of beer after a stressful day, and happy hour makes it even more appealing here there is just one issue with what should be the dream scenario, why the f**k is US beer weird why… you guys making a balls of milk annoyed me but I could cope to an extent but beer is a step too far.

It’s so f**king flat and gassy like where is the nice head on the beer….. a good creamy beer is all one would need but instead the pints are flat and gassy as f**k.  The pale imitations of Guinness you serve up there should be false advertising suits being filed all over this country.

After one or two pints you just physically can’t stomach any more of the gassy, flat miserable excuse for a thirst quenching beer. In this heat with happy hour raging my day would be perfected with a proper pint of beer and I am not a beer snob a Bud Light or PBR is fine with me but a proper pint, God I would give anything to get one of them transported from home, to blow the minds of American beer drinkers if nothing else.

Santa Claus this Christmas I just have one wish…. sort out the dire beer situation here mate…. xoxo The Sounder.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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