Can We Talk About…. Tourists?

Recently, I have taken up a volunteer role checking guests in and out in a local hostel and I have in my brief time here come to one resounding realisation…. tourists are stupid… like frustratingly stupid.

Like why come to a country with zero ability to communicate in said country? Pointing, clicking and gesturing at me like I’m a dog or some sort of similar pet, word to the wise I am not so learn an acceptable amount of English to get by, I am not saying  a political debate or a spelling bee, which would be excellent viewing, but enough to get by. I wouldn’t go to a country where I did not have a language I could communicate in, am I at an advantage because English is so widely spoken yes and could I be being slightly unreasonable due to growing frustration with the daily game of charades I am forced to play most definitely but I think it is necessary, a win/win for everyone.

Also, learn some god damn common sense. You arrive into a hostel you see a desk in the middle of the sleeping hall featuring a person waiting for you with a fake ass smile and a laptop…. yes I can confirm that is in fact the check in desk, what the f**k else do you think I am doing sitting here, a full on welcoming committee for his lord/ladyship’s arrival…. sorry to disappoint but no I am not. Another clue would be when you are walking in, face looking like your first day of kindergarten, and someone says are you okay, or can I help probably a good hint they can check you in, a blank yeah or hi is not what I need from you right now, wise up get your head in the game and stay with me here.

Am I asking too much? I do not feel so can we not live in a world where people help each other not to stress out their day to the point sticking your head in a blender becomes a real option.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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