Can We Talk About…. Santa Monica?

Nearly 9 weeks in this country and only now do I decide to take the delightful trip to Santa Monica…. holy shit wasn’t I late to the party! It has got everything that I want from life…. beach, good food, shops, happy hours… it was a total oasis, the dream if you will.

My only mistake was that I thought one afternoon in this haven was sufficient time, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!! I could spend a week there and not even be marginally bored. So many shops to browse in and fantasize about all the things I want but cannot afford (reminder to self do the lottery), the food outlets all looked terrific especially the beach front restaurants. A shout out also to The Cheesecake Factory, boy am I a sucker for that god damn cheesecake, over expensive yes, but oh so so good.

The pier was full of activity and as the sunset the carnival just came alive it served as a great Snapchat opportunity btw my Snapchat story quickly accumulated to the stage it became one of those annoying 120 second monstrosities. The beach was cosy and peaceful far after dark, despite the presence of children failing to understand respectable volume levels, so peaceful and relaxing I had to remind myself I had a home to go to…

Long story short Santa Monica dude I will be back for a proper stint, till next time…. catch you on the flip side.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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