Can We Talk About…. Uber/Lyft Drivers?

So yes I have already given my feelings of joy towards Uber on a previous post, but as I use this service and Lyft more and more one aspect emerged as a contender for its own post, the driver.

The driver brings a sense of suspense to the art of Uber/Lyft who knows what this trip will bring curbside to you. You could get the stereotypical road rager who whizzes across the freeway thinking he/she is an extra from Fast & the Furious having little or no consideration for the safety of themselves or their passengers, focusing on collecting and dropping fares as quickly as possible to start the next one and maximize earnings. Interesting tack hey who cares if it maybe causes the passenger a limb, or the integrity of their underwear right? These type of drives do not get as much as one star review from me, partly because they are being reckless and stupid as f**k and partly because my hands haven’t stopped shaking long enough to sure my phone coherently.

Then you have the driver who wants to be your ‘friend’, your ‘pal’ who asks you questions and asks what music you wanna hear and ohhs and ahhs at whatever you say. These are nice and quite the ego booster after a long day interviewing and general begging for a job, but I task anyone to sit in a car with said type of driver for more than 30 minutes and resist the urge to grab the wheel and put you both out of your misery. The ‘nicey nice’ act gets old FAAAAAST.

Finally, you have the preacher driver who proceeds to tell you all about how the world is f**ked and how wrong people are and how he/she has had a new awakening or outlook due to life experience, religion etc.., and anyone not on their wave length should go get f**ked basically. Their philosophy is 100% right and the rest of the world is just too stupid to realize the greatness of their way of life.

Is it too much to ask just to be driven, SAFELY to your chosen location with BASIC manners without being approached to join a cult or wanting to rip your ears from your head to stop the endless babble.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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