Can We Talk About In & Out Burger?

Knock another one-off the California bucket list peeps, this California staple has been well and truly hit! And expectations were somewhat surpassed… I am always weary not to buy into hype too much but the In & Out Burgers were tasty as f**k, for a fast food offering they were substantial and quite the meal not a miserable, crappy piece of questionable hamburger that looks nothing like its marketing image… NOTHING!

I indulged in a Double/Double meal with fries and a medium beverage, shock I swear the only thing I am achieving from this trip is weight the goal is a job and instead I am trying to win the record for the quickest expansion of a person’s waist, anyways. The burger from the outset looked incredible plenty of toppings and big patty (I do always appreciate a big patty) and it tasted up to how it looked a real meal clincher. I mean you cannot go wrong with soda so my lemonade was good can’t fault a lemonade really.

I will offer one critique the fries were lukewarm at best, as a champion of extremely hot food this was a slight issue for me but I feel the meal would have achieved new heights of perfection had this been the case. The fries were actually good quality too so the temperature really was the only issue but something totally forgivable given the circumstances. In & Out managed to give me a terrific burger in 8 minutes, tops. I don’t need nor want to know how they did it all I know is it worked.

Long story short put me down as a fan!

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


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