Can We Talk About…. Drive-Thru Starbucks?

I swear week 7/8 has been a time of non-stop game changers for me, I thought surely nothing can blow my socks off right now…. but oh no I had not taken into account this little beauty was LITERALLY right around the corner.

Let me set the scene, I am out driving with a friend who says “Hey we should get some coffee”, feeling the drain of the day I am all on board, I quickly reply “Yeah cool let’s park up here and find some coffee”. My friend looks at me bemused and is like “Hey, isn’t there a Drive-Thru Starbucks beside your building”. I took a long hard look at my friend, I allowed the words to sick in, to ferment and I replied with the only words I could find… “You are F**KING KIDDING ME!” Get me there ASAP.

It was everything I had imagined, I had envisioned you just drive-thru no need for queuing on my feet, dealing with the pastry display temptation just drive up gimme two grande cappuccino please my love and like a flash we are gone down the road sipping two, albeit mediocre, cappuccino.

Is this possibly a total promotion of unbelievable laziness.. probably but I am not a bit sorry not one apology existing within me for this behaviour. Again, I find myself screaming why have we not got these at home, WHY? I think I really need to start actually finding out the reasoning behind this shit! Is there an actual reason like legal for example or are we just dumb as shit?

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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