Can We Talk About…. Grand Central Market?

A Downtown LA staple, The Grand Central Market is a haven of eateries and outlets and bustling with culture with Asian, American, German, Mexican and much, much more. It was one of my first finds upon my arrival in LA and housed me for my first week as my doubts in my navigating skills to explore any further left me slightly confined. Not once in that week did I get even a bit bored… every day featured a new taste or delight!

I have to give a name drop to G & B Coffee who supplied me with the best cappuccino I have ever been privy too over the week and still is a frequent of mine today. Also, a shout out rather than a name drop because I its name was Mexican and I cannot recall it but there is a great little unit that does majorly tacos and Mexican food but also does an absolute delicious Breakfast All Day menu that is super cheap making it even f**king tastier.

This sweet spot gives a real taste of all the cultures and cuisines that Los Angeles has to offer. It’s a superb one-stop shop and a must-see for any tourist who graces Los Angeles, daily opening from 10am to 10pm makes it easily accessible also. I cannot recommend this place enough, ideal time to visit is brunch-time on a Saturday or Sunday, it will make you so happy you will be worshiping the shrine of Grand Central.

All hail!!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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