Can We Talk About…. Leftovers?

While sitting here in my food coma heaven, I find myself deep in reflection of the last few days of Thanksgiving season…. and I could not have enjoyed it more and then my American compadres introduced me to leftovers and I was like holy f**king shit GAME-CHANGER!

I mean we have leftovers from meals at home but no one ever keeps them they just go in the trash which is a pity and a waste I know, but as I sit munching into my leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich I realize WHAT we have been missing , this pure joy, I do hate to miss out on pure joy.

I mean as a financial benefit alone leftovers will save you a fortune, I mean I can eat for days with what we have left, breakfast, lunch, dinner the leftovers got it covered! Also I do LOVE mash potato and leftovers allow you to eat a large bowl of mash and gravy at 23 and not being judged and not being judged for my guiltiest of pleasures is the dream in my life.

Now, my question is how long is acceptable to keep and gorge on leftovers? A day? Two days? Surely, not a week? I feel like 4 days is a respectable amount of time to keep any leftovers providing they were cooked fresh on the day.

So I would like to extend the season of thankfulness, and say thank you Thanksgiving for leftovers… I am forever grateful and thankful to you.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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