Can We Talk About…. Black Friday?

Hoping you all had a pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving, now lets het back to business.

So I just experienced my first Black Friday experience…. I feel shocked, lucky to be alive and quite violated in a way I just do not appreciate.

People are crazy like guys seriously its just a shirt or shoes or a video game y’all need to sit, simmer and take two zanex or something cause you guys are stressing me the f**k out. Also, if you are gonna come out to the public with that attitude at least leave your god damn child at home, he/she does not need to see you like this and I do not need a sea of little people constantly standing in my way or making unnecessary loud noises.

People pushed, people screamed, people ran, I am pretty sure I seen some biting and shit in their too. I felt like I should have been caring some form of alarm like a whistle or pepper spray to fend off these zombified shoppers, I had only come out for a white shirt, that is all please don’t hurt me I am no competition to you for the big flatscreen tv!

After the enormous stress of these events I needed something sweet and a coffee ASAP but even in the haven of Starbucks I did not find solace…. Black Friday had hit fever pitch. I sheepish requested a tall latte, took my drink and ran to escape the madness that was consuming so many seemingly sane, up until this morning, people.

I mean its one thing off the bucket list and isn’t great to have seen it, jury is still out to be honest but Black Friday does win one award in her life, for the most intense event I have ever endured. You people need to calm down and take stock of what is really important, or at least fully cloth or shower before you come out for god’s sake.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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