Can We Talk About…. Thanksgiving?

Happy Holidays everybody!!! We first Thanksgiving wow I always wondered what it was all about, how it worked and to be honest… it just seems like Christmas in November to me. So do you not celebrate Christmas as much then or how does this work? It seems like Christmas with thanks instead of presents…. Not gonna lie I do miss the gifts but hey only 30 days till they get here so can’t complain too much.

On the approach to this holiday I did find myself asking what is the point of all of this with Christmas so close around the corner? Why is it so close surely July would be a better month to give thanks, thanks for the sun, for being off school, for holidays, for the pool, for day drinking, etc. But now as I sit here belly full of Turkey and all manner of delicious food to expand my ever-growing gut, which I will curse tomorrow not regret but curse.. I have to say this has a great sentiment behind it such a warm, gracious message to be thankful for what we have and our fortune in life. With so much doom and gloom in the world, especially of late, so I now really see and I am embracing the function of this holiday and what it represents.

Again, do I love that it is so close to Christmas? No. Do I think it slightly takes from the magic of Christmas? Yes but I could not be more in favor of the ideal behind it! Sometimes it takes slowing down and really taking account of things in your life to realize how fortunate and grateful you are for what has been awarded to you in life.

So, on that slightly philosophical note.. Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy F**king Holidays!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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