Can We Talk About…. Tacos?

A simple Mexican dish, tacos are great for sharing, parties, a lazy Tuesday night and much more! The beauty of a taco is it can feature anything…. I have enjoyed simple chicken, salsa and pesto tacos to turkey, mash and gravy tacos each one as delicious as the last.

Also, a killer idea for left overs to be used for lunches and snacks for days to come especially with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas sneaking up on the horizon (lest we forget with the decorations f**king everywhere). Just throw some stuff together put it in a taco and boom meal sorted!

Again, this is a concept relatively unknown back in my backward homeland and as always my answer is why the hell is that? Although at certain Mexican eateries I am sure they serve a good oul Irish taco but I despair why have the masses not accepted and realised it’s both delicious and efficient qualities. I mean Taco Tuesday’s sound so fricking great as a marketing concept every god damn city, town, tribal village should have one simply by default. Never allow any kitchen unused produce to go to waste again, simply have your daily special become tacos, throw the ingredients together and serve little pockets of satisfying sunshine.

The common idea is to marry the terrificness of the taco with nachos usually to make up a complete meal, not a nachos man would much rather fill up on 13 tacos for dinner than 2-3 tacos and a cheesy nachos bowl, that’s the kind of shit I unfortunately cannot get on board with, no hate nachos you just aint for me bae.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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