Can We Talk About…. Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Wow…. just wow!! I could not be more onboard with this delicious piece of candy heaven perfect companion to my morning, lunch, afternoon, pre-dinner, post-dinner, pre-bed coffee/tea. Why this is even more impressive is the fact that chocolate in general here is as tasty as a mouthful of sawdust, sorry your chocolate sucks… like bad.. but Reece’s Cups are a shining diamond among the rubbish!

I also recently discovered the splendor of adding these little delights to a bowl of vanilla bean ice-cream, trust me it will change your life or throw some of the mini Reece’s Cups onto a stack of warm pancakes and watch them begin to melt in and chuck on some maple syrup and you will be brunching like royalty!

With my love for the Reece’s Cups growing with every passing taste/day you can only imagine my total and utter breakdown when casually strolling through Target for groceries and I am met with Chips Ahoy cookies featuring Reece’s… I tried to compose myself and thought no… surely no… I looked again… not only was it true but they were on special just $2 for the pack! I would have loaded the f**king car, if I had one so I settled for two packs which barely made it 36 hours, barely.

The amazingness of the Reece’s Cups just about saves America’s chocolate selection for being as desirable as a smack in the face from a dirty dish cloth.

Now to figure out how many containers to ship home for Christmas… is a suitcase full too excessive? Perhaps, but as we used to say circa early 2015.. YOLO.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder


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