Can We Talk About…. Limeade?

Now this is something we certainly do not have at home, and its a god damn travesty! On paper its like is this going to work? Does this make sense? And holy f**k does it deliver!! So refreshing, so tasty and sweet… dreamage occurring for sure!

Again such a simple idea, nothing yet for some reason this genius idea has not occurred to us at home, truth be told we are only joining the lemonade train. Limeade in my eyes is the next level of thirst quenching to lemonade. Its like lemonade on steroids.

Also, I haven’t tried it as yet but surely limeade is the perfect partner to compliment my oul friend Vodka. I mean throwing limeade in as a viable mixer is definitely a game changer for alcohol too, which is always appreciated and welcomed by myself. Limeade surely could also do wonders in a good whiskey or rum.

Limeade you have opened many doors right now you should be so proud of the momentous change you are about to make in my life. I thank Jebus for your entry into my universe…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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