Can We Talk About…. Iced Coffee?

Okay not exactly a new phenomenon but the wonder of iced coffee was only been made clear to me following my past seven weeks in the sunny heat of Los Angeles. On my initial first days here  indulged in cappuccinos and Americanos to power me through me journey, which they succeeded in but they also succeeded in compounding my body’s ridiculous high temperature… I am Irish this is not the October and November I am used to not even close. Anyone who can drink them in this heat is clearly from the f**king Arctic!

Anyways, I need the coffee how else does one work until 2am and arise at 6am and function..? So I turned to iced coffee, something readily available at home but not exactly necessary given our lower temperatures 90% of the year. My mind is blown.. iced coffee where have you been all my life, its got every bit the wake-up, energizing power of regular coffee while being refreshing and cool… the f**king dream ❤ Makes me happy!

Another thing the iced coffee selection and options here are so much greater which is probably another reason I was never too attracted to them on my home shores. You can get basically ANY coffee you wanted iced here… Caramel Machiattos, Chestnut Praline Lattes, Caramel Brulee Latees all available iced.. I mean such a simple process cold milk and ice replace the hot and its an absolute revolution proving sometimes the best ideas are the simplest one’s.

Thank you iced coffee for keeping my coffee addiction at borderline dangerous levels and reducing my heat levels considerably.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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