Can We Talk About…. The Gilmore Girls Revival?

With less than a week until this much hyped revival is streaming on Netflix why not discuss it. Of late it seems the time of revivals with, Heroes,The X-Files, Arrested Development getting similar treatment over the last 1-2 years. Most have not been very well received however… but judging from early rumblings and reviews it looks like this revival is going to be A-MA-ZING!!

I am beyond the reasonable level of excited for this to launch and with the Palladinos back running the show after departing before the last season it seems even more fitting. Some shows come around and are revived and we are like for what? What’s left to say? Ahem.. we are looking at you 24. But this seems years in the making, too long for many die-hard fans such as myself.

I am even more thrilled that from the early word, that the revival is Gilmore Girls at its best!! Through blind love I would have been engrossed and obsessed with the four episodes or ‘seasons’ launching Nov 25th no matter what the product but to hear such positives things… it makes me want to drink a whole bottle of rum and hopefully sleep it off until the 25th… I am THAT excited!!

The sad death of Edward Herrmann as Gilmore patriarch is a blow to the series, as I am sure it was to cast, crew, friends, family of the popular actor but it has served to give Emily Bishop (queen) a really hearty, journey for her story arc and from the trailer she seems to be on FIRE!! “It doesn’t bring me joy” – Yes Emily!! Slaaaaay!!

I am expecting Emmy nominations for these lovely ladies at the very least, Bishop should get one for that line alone!

So to all the Gilmore fans out there we are nearly there the wait is coming to an end so just hang on a little longer…. pure joy is coming!!

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


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