Can We Talk About….AirBnb?

So AirBnb has taken over Los Angeles!! AirBnb is having a week of events to promote and celebrate the AirBnb Community. This has served one purpose… to be annoying as f**k!

People flood to the city to ask stupid ass questions and fill up on free items at the expense of the hosts in their so called ‘community’

Vultures! Go f**king home and eat your own food, drink your own beer and use your own toilet facilities! Christ are people’s lives genuinely that sad!

I mean I am al for promotong a great tool like AirBnb and their community but with genuine people not individuals that are too miserable to support the ventures and would rather lap up the free gear!!

Roll on the end of the week till these vultures piss off back to the caves they came from and let the good honest people continue to try to make a living!

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


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