Can We Talk About… People Walking on the Street?

Okay… this really, really gets on my god damn f**king tits, why people cannot just f**king WALK on the street!! Just walk! One foot in front of the other no big effort needed…. a simple walk is all I am asking for.

People stopping and dragging their heels to look at their reflection or a new shade of paint on the fifth Starbucks we have passed… not needed, I don’t need and I certainly don’t appreciate it… Christ of almighty standing there in the way like a deer in headlights for what.. walk!! You have been doing it for f**king years it’s like people just forget their ability to walk.

And yes I am going to be that guy…. (rolls eyes)… children walking on the street I mean c’mon they can either walk or they can’t the constant stopping, starting, walking in your way it drives me mad!! It’s like ok I will walk around you oh wait here you are now that side that is cool il go to.. oh for f**k sake! Like I am trying to accommodate here a bit of give and take would be nice!

We need to build like a separate lane for tourists or people with bad senses of direction too. They are just like the children aimless but these are adult aimless people I can hurt these one’s for their own safety and to avoid my incarceration we need to get prepared people read a map not just ‘stroll’ around and find your way its annoying as f**k some of us do not have that luxury of ‘strolling’ and need to actually get some shit done.

Okay I know  I am more than likely being dramatic and expecting to much but it’s how I feel learn to walk god dammit bitches!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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