Can We Talk About…. The Heat?

I mean what the actual f**k it’s November people! I have never experienced such intense heat in a November EVER! And, I am not a fan it is not ok.Is it a delightful change from rain of course and that is the silver lining I cling too but why not just a dry, crisp day. I mean it is winter for god’s sake it was 88 °F today… NOT OK! The heat the humidity my body was not built or prepared for such extremes.

My November’s weather experiences in the past have been one of cold, rainy, dark skies and I prayed for something better.. you ever hear the saying be careful what you wish for? This is it this is that exact situation. I need to shower like twice a day and change constantly my body temperature system is just not equipped to cope with these environments, my god if I was ever in the desert I would be a poodle after five minutes.

I am a firm believer of weather reflecting the season, summer – sunny, hot, humid cool, winter – cold, snow, dark etc.., that is cool, yanno why? Cause it makes god damn f**king sense, so I have prepared for these events, I am ready to brave the elements.

Why universe, why can’t you do as you are meant to! Global warming I’d imagine is kicking your ass and making me its bitch.

Here comes another bout of sweats and hot flushes I need to sign off and enter an ice bath for 5-6 hours.

Let the heat stop! 😦

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


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