Can We Talk About…. Uber?

I am not even going to try to pretend or hide it I am so on board with the Uber phenomenon! Makes life and travelling so much easier it boggles my mind how this has not become a mainstay worldwide, namely in my homeland of Ireland… cause believe me it would be used!!

It’s at its heart just an extremely efficient public tool to be able to call a ride to your exact location that is quick, affordable and safe. I cannot tell yow how many times I was condemned to the, usually freezing, streets after a long night of frequenting bars and clubs trying to get a cab home…. if only we had a way to solve this, to get me home…. enter Uber! How, how do we not have this at home I just do not understand, I could be at home in my bed, eating fast food I will regret tomorrow in a fraction of the time!

Not only does it solve that issue but it gets people home quickly and safely, eliminating people from hanging around the street which could cause trouble e.g. fighting, muggings etc.. So from all angles I see this as a god damn win baby! Uber is an essential part to anyones app collection especially a city newbie like myself.

No need to know what street you are on or where the best place to hail a cab is.. Uber does all the heavy lifting, thank f**k. My sense of direction is not up to navigating this city, highways, east street, north street the head can’t cope. It’s succesful introduction into public life has seen similar concepts such as Lyft emerge also. When people start imitating you that’s when you know your good at it!!

I mean I know there is an argument to be made that Uber must have a negative effective on the traditional cab industry but I mean competition is good and it is fulfilling a need of when you cannot find a cab. If you ask me Uber is performing an essential public service really! I for one will be eternally grateful.

Uber on and do you Uber! 🙂

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


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