Can We Talk About…. Starbuck’s Red Cup?

Yes that’s right with Halloween barely behind us it’s time to ramp up that Christmas feeling! Enter the Starbuck’s Red Cup, a holiday mainstay… anticipation on the new cup reached fever pitch at the start of the week upon its unveiling and well it’s now here and…..It’s just a f**king cup people, shock it’s red and Christmas oriented how ground breaking could it really be. People losing their shit all week oh what will it look like, like a red cup that is Christmas themed genius!!

Don’t get me wrong the seasonal Starbucks drinks get me as Chrismassy as the next guy and yes u have had two the last two days to get the guy one get one free deal that’s a lot more to do with my financial situation than the god damn cup truth be told.

I mean I just do not see why people care that much, surely you should be more concerned at electing a spray tan gone wrong, moron to the small gig of President. Yeah I went there America… people don’t forget….

So quick lesson for next year.. Starbucks will launch their new cups at Christmas they will be red and Christmas themed probably incorporating white or green or both colours onto the red cup so chill the f**k out and take an interest in a real issue in the world… Christ…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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