Can We Talk About…. Bread?

Ahh bread my oul compadre, I do love you oh so much especially on a morning of bleak hungover states. A gluten overload my body does not appreciate later but at the time you are my saviour, my heaven. When I indulge lets face it brown bread you are off the table, it’s like when you indulge in fast food on cheat day you don’t have one chip you have a Big Mac Double Deal with large soda and two mcflurries to top it off, if you going to be bad… be really bad.. enter White Bread.

The glory of a toasted ham and cheese white bread sandwich during the after effects of a heavy drinking session is unparalleled. Here we come to my problem, why you gotta mess with perfection America… your bread is weird as f**k and not the dream… Why can’t you just leave shit alone, I could possibly forgive you for the milk as I am not a milk lover but taking bread and degrading it like this… uncalled for.

Bread here is sweet and way too soft like patches of air and it lasts for daaaaays which should not be the case if ‘baked fresh’ likely full of all manners of preserving agents as well.

Is nothing sacred people, bread has been a loyal servant for decades and this is how you treat such an amazing food, give me a Brennan’s Bread White Bread annny day. If anyone has been lucky enough to have the joy of Brennan’s pass their lips I challenge you to disagree with me.

I pray for the poor soul the day of my first hangover in the States who has to provide me with this ‘bread’ imposter.. cause I may lose my shit…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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