Can We Talk About…. The Election Result?

I mean c’mon was there any doubt this would have to be a topic of conversation for today…

So, that happened.. Donald Trump has beaten Hilary Clinton to become the new President elect of the United States… still does not seem real that looked pretty unthinkable a year ago is now a reality. Well done America, I sincerely hope this does not go how I think it will, because this could be one of the biggest political f**k ups in the last fifty years certainly if not in history.

This man is a loose cannon, liable to do and say anything, which may offend some powerful and dangerous people if he has not already. And as a nation you guys’ have decided to give him the keys of the kingdom in one of the strangest decisions I have ever seen.

I mean a couple of years ago this guy was appearing on WWE ‘fighting’ Vince McMahon and getting knocked out by Stone Cold Steve Austin who has dressed as the referee, just let that sink in… that is the President-elect of the United States one of the greatest nations on the Earth if not the greatest. The other superpowers of the world I would imagine are feeling pretty smug right now. The potential for world-wide catastrophe that this decision has made is pretty unthinkable.

I mean the man is such a moron I just struggle to understand or fathom the reasoning and motivation behind this decision. What do people or should I say voters honestly think this man is going to do or achieve other than carry out destructive and backward behaviours to the detriment of us all.

For now I think it is fair that we give him the chance to lead and make change and extend a ‘grace’ period of sorts and I hope and want him to prove people wrong and bring about positive change but I have the strongest of reservations unfortunately.

But hey no changing what has happened now we can’t re-write what is done so you have spoken America I sincerely hope this does not blow up in your f**king faces like so many predict it will…

The next four years are going to be all kinds of eventful.. are you prepared and ready for the ride? I for one am not sure I am….

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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