Can We Talk About…. Milk?

Admittedly, never been a lover of milk as a beverage except for  a drop in tea #key #thedream, anyways, I arrive here to these glorious 50 states to find milk is quite a common beverage. This I can live with until I tasted it… What the f**k is wrong with your milk? It is the devil’s work… It is watery and not okay, not okay indeed.

Why does it last so long too best by dates are like 2-3 weeks long.. so I ask what the hell if being put into this god damn milk to make it last so long… chemicals, preservatives all manors of crap I imagine… not ok.

What happened to just milk, even that wasn’t a love of mine whatsoever, but can’t it just be milk. Even the little things are so different needlessly so. Why can’t milk just be god damn milk dear god why.

In short, stop making milk weird, stop putting crap into it to make it commercially more sustainable.. I want real milk dammit. Its bad enough you have me screwed over with your laughable tea bags.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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