Can We Talk About…. The US Presidential Election?

Roughly 24 hours left of voting time left for you of the biggest outcomes in recent election history is revealed. I may not be American, therefore not know as much in regards the political system here, but I do know this the decision this country makes WILL affect everyone, it will have far-reaching consequences as one of the biggest powers in the world.

So I feel its appropriate if I cannot vote to a least give an outsider opinion on the circumstances. One thing is abundantly clear to me… if you are choosing to vote for Trump you are a moron, even more so than he is and that is a task in itself, cause he oozes moronic like a disease. The man is not fit to run one of the most powerful countries in the world, I wouldn’t trust the man to run me a bath.

Lets recap:

  1. He has no viable policies, just statements with no course of action planned
  2. He wants to condemn anyone different and set this wonderful country back socially but decades.
  3. He cannot even take the time to remember the voting date #EveryoneGetOutNov28th, how can you people even consider the man after that. Surely that is Rule No. 1 in running for office know when the f**king voting date is.
  4. He is a creep, a sexual predator who needs a psychiatrists office not the god damn Oval Office.
  5. He has made wild and ludicrous claims throughout the election campaign without basis in fact or this little thing called reality.

I could go on and on and on but I would not give that individual more exposure that what is necessary for the post. Basically, he’s a total dick wad that people seem happy or willing to support still… I don’t understand it nor do I need it ‘explained’ to me there is no explanation you are simply buying into Trumps’ lunacy.

I mean give the man his just do’s he has run his campaign smartly entering the political landscape with a defined USP… he is not a politician. At a time when confidence and faith in traditional politicians are at an all time low… kudos Donald smart move. That does not mean you give this manic the keys to the kingdom, I would quicker give them to a blind rhino and hope for the best. The carnage would be less at least.

At the flip side I am not saying you should all drop to the ground and worship Saint Hilary, cause let’s be honest she is not perfect by any means but you is in this life, especially in politics, but do not paint her out to be the heartless, monster some corners of the media try to convey. The woman stayed married to Bill Clinton for this long she mustn’t be that heartless or lack that much sympathy. I mean she is a mother and has raised for what we know an absolutely terrific woman (in the interest of fairness and both sides Donald’s kids also seem to be quite the credit… to their mother/nanny I am sure) in the battlefield of the spotlight, spent decades being ravaged by the media and critics, but she has maintained dignity, strength, poise and a desire to change, help and influence through politics throughout. I am not going to try to convince you the woman is the next Hail Mary or Mother Theresa but she is smart and knows what it takes to be President.This isn’t like career day, Trump goes in for a week makes a shit mess, does not like it and comes out no,no this is serious f**king shit and as I said for the world not just the US so it should be treated as such.

In most countries we all have the right to vote thankfully and that is our right so do what your gut tells you and what you think is right and just… if that means Trump (breaths deeply) so be it but please do not be sucked in by his false words and realise the road of anarchy he could lead us all down if in the seat of the President.

May the best candidate win…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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