Can We Talk About…. Taylor Swift?

Okay, I love a Tay Tay f**k your ex jam as much as the next disgruntled former lover but this woman needs to stop… now! Her love life is basically everywhere, everyday, all the time and I for one am sick and tired, and in the words of the great Wanda Sykes when I ain’t sick I am tired, I am sick and tired! I could not give a continental f**k who she is dating. Can’t I just to wait to hear about it on the next album…?

The latest ‘alleged’ romance is with Drake.. I am sorry if Drake mugged Rihanna off for Taylor he needs to evaluate his shit ASAP. I mean the guy is lucky to be pulling either but listen RiRi has the edge here over Tay Tay there is no competition unless Tay Tay is a total 50 Shades girl behind closed doors I do not see a compelling argument on why Drake would be ditching Rihanna for Taylor.

Plus, wasn’t she just madly in love with Tom Hiddleston like two weeks ago… surely the bed must still be warm.. what happened to girl of ‘Love Story’ more like ‘Hoe Story’ if the latest is to be believed. My sympathy for her innocent, naive heartbreak is gooooone  long time ago along with her self-respect by the alarming suitor count which is mounting up.

I mean honestly who wants to see this shit as front page news when there is real problems, real things going on in the world people need to get a grip and snap back to reality. Look judge as you will, and you know I will, but at the end of the day I don’t know her, most of you don’t either, she is an adult and she can be do whatever/whoever she wants without TMZ having a meltdown and bombarding social media as if the Apocalypse is imminent.

So let this end… no more ‘Who’s Taylor’s New Man’, no more ‘Swift Break-up’ headlines let it die for God’s sake and let the woman get her hoe on as she pleases in private. Do you guuuurl.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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