Can We Talk About…. Chinese Food?

This is a highly upsetting and emotional post for me, what you people call Chinese food here in America is a disgrace… I am distraught and heartbroken beyond physical belief. I mean where is the curry sauce tubs, prawn crackers, 4, 3 or 2 in 1’s and most importantly (exhales deep and slow) salt and pepper chicken.

How can you rob me of these small but vital joys, how can you rob yourself of them! Think of the children can someone please think of their loss here. Salt and pepper chicken is one of the simplest, innovative, most delicious invention of the past decade. Why have you not adopted it yet America why do you suppress people’s joy like this.

I mean do not get me wrong I have tried to embrace the Chinese cuisine on offer here (far too much fish and vegetarian dishes for my liking) and what I have tried is mediocre at best even the chicken fried rice lacks a certain edge… it is just not the same and it pains me ever so.

Chinese cuisine held such an important role in my life back home:

  1. It was my go to hangover food and could always get me out of the darkest of self-inflicted holes.
  2. It was my main meal of choice every Saturday with a bottle, or 3, of wine. Now I am condemned to wine and ice cream as if I was not gaining enough weight in the world of donuts and super sized cookies.
  3. A 3 in 1 could legit give me life for under 4 bucks.

God, dear Chinese food I took you so for granted and you never expected anything from me, I have forsaken you, please take me back please return me to a land of joy and salt and pepper chicken.

Please America someone must know of a Chinese offering me these simple but necessary pleasures.

Help a Sounder in despair…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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