Can We Talk About…. Zayn Malik?

Okay I know I do not personally, know him and you shouldn’t judge someone based on reputation blah blah… but c’mon what a massive douche! Honestly, we get it you never wanted to be in a boy band, you did not like life in One Direction, clearly your too ‘edgy’ for that lifestyle. You do know there is edgy and cool and then there is desperate mate and for me I know which category you fall into.

I mean look do not get me wrong I am not a Directioner who is bitter about the split but a bit of gratitude that ‘life’ and the fans got you to where you are now you could at least try to display a bit of appreciation for the gift they have given you instead of pissing all over those times like an ungrateful dick wad.

This man LOVES a Twitter feud also, I mean if you have got a problem with someone go and speak to them like a grown up you twit! Instead of keyboard warrioring like a mo-fo. People could say I am being hypocritical here but I have no way of making direct contact with Zayn or any of my other Sound off topics (but if someone has a cell no. for the color orange get that shit over to me ASAP) so it’s not the same. Zayn you are welcome to contact me and tell me to go f**k myself or to explain how you isn’t a douche ball in your court dude.

The most recent development in this saga is Zayn’s development of a new tv series similar in the vein of ‘Entourage’ showing the life of a world-wide successful boy band and the pitfalls of that life.. Hmm.. something tells me this could be a taaaad biased… God how Simon Cowell did not get this made before him is a wonder, I’d say that man is crying into his $1 dollar bill tissues and cursing the day he met Zayn Malik as we speak.

Zayn’s debut solo album has differently distanced him from his One Direction past in terms of genre but can I honestly say it’s earth-shatteringly good… No… it’s quite similar to Justin Bieber and Troye Sivan’s styles and I mean it is good but I would not rest on your laurels Zayn, especially with former band mates Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne (who I reckon is his big competition and is sure to burst his mediocre, ego fueled bubble). Side note does anyone actually know what the f**k Louis is doing…? Full-time Daddy?

Some advice lad cool your gob giving it the big one and focus on your music cause what is on the horizon might just pull that rug right out from under you.. kaaaay.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo



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