Can We Talk About…. Inconsiderate Drivers?

Why y’all so mad at each other.. jesus! Calm the f**k down! Back home I am a fully licensed driver and liked to drive when my fellow motorists did not feel the need to put my life at risk… I thought they were bad… then I came here.. You all got some serious f**king problems, you is angry as f**k for no god damn reason!

See it’s even rubbing off on me I must have used f**k like four times already! This isn’t even road rage this is some other level sick ass shit! People honking like a mother f**ker if someone has not moved up like 3 inches get over it you sad, poor individual the world is noisy enough without you joining in unnecessarily.. dick!

Then, there are those that think they are the reincarnation of Evil Kinevil fresh from the latest Fast & the Furious movie…. newsflash you ain’t and you don’t look cool you look like a dangerous moron. Speeding around, zigging and zagging through traffic like a rollercoaster gone wild. Chill out and drive like a normal god damn human you freak! I seen one such individual, a woman also btw for those women who will say its men that have the problem it ain’t sister this shit is a universal issue, thinking she was Michelle Rodriguez’s Lenny from Fast & the Furious and slamming straight into the back of a tow truck and tearing her bonnet to pieces.

Terrible you say… You feel sorry for her you say?.. I bloody well do not! I am sorry like don’t get me wrong it was minor and no one was hurt I am not saying she deserved some horrible accident but if you drive like a f**king lunatic there are gonna be consequences. For god’s sake we are all adults there are enough horrors in the world that can take our lives prematurely without bringing it to our doors ourselves. Be a normal person and drive like God intended safely and with a bit of common sense you dumb jerks! Jesus!

So frustrating that people feel the need to behave in such a fashion possibly causing harm to themselves and/or innocent bystanders, grow up and get your shit together!

Drive safe!!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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