Can We Talk About…. Drive-Thru Starbucks?

I swear week 7/8 has been a time of non-stop game changers for me, I thought surely nothing can blow my socks off right now…. but oh no I had not taken into account this little beauty was LITERALLY right around the corner.

Let me set the scene, I am out driving with a friend who says “Hey we should get some coffee”, feeling the drain of the day I am all on board, I quickly reply “Yeah cool let’s park up here and find some coffee”. My friend looks at me bemused and is like “Hey, isn’t there a Drive-Thru Starbucks beside your building”. I took a long hard look at my friend, I allowed the words to sick in, to ferment and I replied with the only words I could find… “You are F**KING KIDDING ME!” Get me there ASAP.

It was everything I had imagined, I had envisioned you just drive-thru no need for queuing on my feet, dealing with the pastry display temptation just drive up gimme two grande cappuccino please my love and like a flash we are gone down the road sipping two, albeit mediocre, cappuccino.

Is this possibly a total promotion of unbelievable laziness.. probably but I am not a bit sorry not one apology existing within me for this behaviour. Again, I find myself screaming why have we not got these at home, WHY? I think I really need to start actually finding out the reasoning behind this shit! Is there an actual reason like legal for example or are we just dumb as shit?

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


Can We Talk About…. Grand Central Market?

A Downtown LA staple, The Grand Central Market is a haven of eateries and outlets and bustling with culture with Asian, American, German, Mexican and much, much more. It was one of my first finds upon my arrival in LA and housed me for my first week as my doubts in my navigating skills to explore any further left me slightly confined. Not once in that week did I get even a bit bored… every day featured a new taste or delight!

I have to give a name drop to G & B Coffee who supplied me with the best cappuccino I have ever been privy too over the week and still is a frequent of mine today. Also, a shout out rather than a name drop because I its name was Mexican and I cannot recall it but there is a great little unit that does majorly tacos and Mexican food but also does an absolute delicious Breakfast All Day menu that is super cheap making it even f**king tastier.

This sweet spot gives a real taste of all the cultures and cuisines that Los Angeles has to offer. It’s a superb one-stop shop and a must-see for any tourist who graces Los Angeles, daily opening from 10am to 10pm makes it easily accessible also. I cannot recommend this place enough, ideal time to visit is brunch-time on a Saturday or Sunday, it will make you so happy you will be worshiping the shrine of Grand Central.

All hail!!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Leftovers?

While sitting here in my food coma heaven, I find myself deep in reflection of the last few days of Thanksgiving season…. and I could not have enjoyed it more and then my American compadres introduced me to leftovers and I was like holy f**king shit GAME-CHANGER!

I mean we have leftovers from meals at home but no one ever keeps them they just go in the trash which is a pity and a waste I know, but as I sit munching into my leftover turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich I realize WHAT we have been missing , this pure joy, I do hate to miss out on pure joy.

I mean as a financial benefit alone leftovers will save you a fortune, I mean I can eat for days with what we have left, breakfast, lunch, dinner the leftovers got it covered! Also I do LOVE mash potato and leftovers allow you to eat a large bowl of mash and gravy at 23 and not being judged and not being judged for my guiltiest of pleasures is the dream in my life.

Now, my question is how long is acceptable to keep and gorge on leftovers? A day? Two days? Surely, not a week? I feel like 4 days is a respectable amount of time to keep any leftovers providing they were cooked fresh on the day.

So I would like to extend the season of thankfulness, and say thank you Thanksgiving for leftovers… I am forever grateful and thankful to you.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Black Friday?

Hoping you all had a pleasant and Happy Thanksgiving, now lets het back to business.

So I just experienced my first Black Friday experience…. I feel shocked, lucky to be alive and quite violated in a way I just do not appreciate.

People are crazy like guys seriously its just a shirt or shoes or a video game y’all need to sit, simmer and take two zanex or something cause you guys are stressing me the f**k out. Also, if you are gonna come out to the public with that attitude at least leave your god damn child at home, he/she does not need to see you like this and I do not need a sea of little people constantly standing in my way or making unnecessary loud noises.

People pushed, people screamed, people ran, I am pretty sure I seen some biting and shit in their too. I felt like I should have been caring some form of alarm like a whistle or pepper spray to fend off these zombified shoppers, I had only come out for a white shirt, that is all please don’t hurt me I am no competition to you for the big flatscreen tv!

After the enormous stress of these events I needed something sweet and a coffee ASAP but even in the haven of Starbucks I did not find solace…. Black Friday had hit fever pitch. I sheepish requested a tall latte, took my drink and ran to escape the madness that was consuming so many seemingly sane, up until this morning, people.

I mean its one thing off the bucket list and isn’t great to have seen it, jury is still out to be honest but Black Friday does win one award in her life, for the most intense event I have ever endured. You people need to calm down and take stock of what is really important, or at least fully cloth or shower before you come out for god’s sake.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Thanksgiving?

Happy Holidays everybody!!! We first Thanksgiving wow I always wondered what it was all about, how it worked and to be honest… it just seems like Christmas in November to me. So do you not celebrate Christmas as much then or how does this work? It seems like Christmas with thanks instead of presents…. Not gonna lie I do miss the gifts but hey only 30 days till they get here so can’t complain too much.

On the approach to this holiday I did find myself asking what is the point of all of this with Christmas so close around the corner? Why is it so close surely July would be a better month to give thanks, thanks for the sun, for being off school, for holidays, for the pool, for day drinking, etc. But now as I sit here belly full of Turkey and all manner of delicious food to expand my ever-growing gut, which I will curse tomorrow not regret but curse.. I have to say this has a great sentiment behind it such a warm, gracious message to be thankful for what we have and our fortune in life. With so much doom and gloom in the world, especially of late, so I now really see and I am embracing the function of this holiday and what it represents.

Again, do I love that it is so close to Christmas? No. Do I think it slightly takes from the magic of Christmas? Yes but I could not be more in favor of the ideal behind it! Sometimes it takes slowing down and really taking account of things in your life to realize how fortunate and grateful you are for what has been awarded to you in life.

So, on that slightly philosophical note.. Happy Thanksgiving!! Happy F**king Holidays!

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Tacos?

A simple Mexican dish, tacos are great for sharing, parties, a lazy Tuesday night and much more! The beauty of a taco is it can feature anything…. I have enjoyed simple chicken, salsa and pesto tacos to turkey, mash and gravy tacos each one as delicious as the last.

Also, a killer idea for left overs to be used for lunches and snacks for days to come especially with Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas sneaking up on the horizon (lest we forget with the decorations f**king everywhere). Just throw some stuff together put it in a taco and boom meal sorted!

Again, this is a concept relatively unknown back in my backward homeland and as always my answer is why the hell is that? Although at certain Mexican eateries I am sure they serve a good oul Irish taco but I despair why have the masses not accepted and realised it’s both delicious and efficient qualities. I mean Taco Tuesday’s sound so fricking great as a marketing concept every god damn city, town, tribal village should have one simply by default. Never allow any kitchen unused produce to go to waste again, simply have your daily special become tacos, throw the ingredients together and serve little pockets of satisfying sunshine.

The common idea is to marry the terrificness of the taco with nachos usually to make up a complete meal, not a nachos man would much rather fill up on 13 tacos for dinner than 2-3 tacos and a cheesy nachos bowl, that’s the kind of shit I unfortunately cannot get on board with, no hate nachos you just aint for me bae.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Wow…. just wow!! I could not be more onboard with this delicious piece of candy heaven perfect companion to my morning, lunch, afternoon, pre-dinner, post-dinner, pre-bed coffee/tea. Why this is even more impressive is the fact that chocolate in general here is as tasty as a mouthful of sawdust, sorry your chocolate sucks… like bad.. but Reece’s Cups are a shining diamond among the rubbish!

I also recently discovered the splendor of adding these little delights to a bowl of vanilla bean ice-cream, trust me it will change your life or throw some of the mini Reece’s Cups onto a stack of warm pancakes and watch them begin to melt in and chuck on some maple syrup and you will be brunching like royalty!

With my love for the Reece’s Cups growing with every passing taste/day you can only imagine my total and utter breakdown when casually strolling through Target for groceries and I am met with Chips Ahoy cookies featuring Reece’s… I tried to compose myself and thought no… surely no… I looked again… not only was it true but they were on special just $2 for the pack! I would have loaded the f**king car, if I had one so I settled for two packs which barely made it 36 hours, barely.

The amazingness of the Reece’s Cups just about saves America’s chocolate selection for being as desirable as a smack in the face from a dirty dish cloth.

Now to figure out how many containers to ship home for Christmas… is a suitcase full too excessive? Perhaps, but as we used to say circa early 2015.. YOLO.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder

Can We Talk About…. Iced Coffee?

Okay not exactly a new phenomenon but the wonder of iced coffee was only been made clear to me following my past seven weeks in the sunny heat of Los Angeles. On my initial first days here ¬†indulged in cappuccinos and Americanos to power me through me journey, which they succeeded in but they also succeeded in compounding my body’s ridiculous high temperature… I am Irish this is not the October and November I am used to not even close. Anyone who can drink them in this heat is clearly from the f**king Arctic!

Anyways, I need the coffee how else does one work until 2am and arise at 6am and function..? So I turned to iced coffee, something readily available at home but not exactly necessary given our lower temperatures 90% of the year. My mind is blown.. iced coffee where have you been all my life, its got every bit the wake-up, energizing power of regular coffee while being refreshing and cool… the f**king dream ‚̧ Makes me happy!

Another thing the iced coffee selection and options here are so much greater which is probably another reason I was never too attracted to them on my home shores. You can get basically ANY coffee you wanted iced here… Caramel Machiattos, Chestnut Praline Lattes, Caramel Brulee Latees all available iced.. I mean such a simple process cold milk and ice replace the hot and its an absolute revolution proving sometimes the best ideas are the simplest one’s.

Thank you iced coffee for keeping my coffee addiction at borderline dangerous levels and reducing my heat levels considerably.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Limeade?

Now this is something we certainly do not have at home, and its a god damn travesty! On paper its like is this going to work? Does this make sense? And holy f**k does it deliver!! So refreshing, so tasty and sweet… dreamage occurring for sure!

Again such a simple idea, nothing yet for some reason this genius idea has not occurred to us at home, truth be told we are only joining the lemonade train. Limeade in my eyes is the next level of thirst quenching to lemonade. Its like lemonade on steroids.

Also, I haven’t tried it as yet but surely limeade is the perfect partner to compliment my oul friend Vodka. I mean throwing limeade in as a viable mixer is definitely a game changer for alcohol too, which is always appreciated and welcomed by myself. Limeade surely could also do wonders in a good whiskey or rum.

Limeade you have opened many doors right now you should be so proud of the momentous change you are about to make in my life. I thank Jebus for your entry into my universe…

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. The Gilmore Girls Revival?

With less than a week until this much hyped revival is streaming on Netflix why not discuss it. Of late it seems the time of revivals with, Heroes,The X-Files, Arrested Development getting similar treatment over the last 1-2 years. Most have not been very well received however… but judging from early rumblings and reviews it looks like this revival is going to be A-MA-ZING!!

I am beyond the reasonable level of excited for this to launch and with the Palladinos back running the show after departing before the last season it seems even more fitting. Some shows come around and are revived and we are like for what? What’s left to say? Ahem.. we are looking at you 24. But this seems years in the making, too long for many die-hard fans such as myself.

I am even more thrilled that from the early word, that the revival is Gilmore Girls at its best!! Through blind love I would have been engrossed and obsessed with the four episodes or ‘seasons’ launching Nov 25th no matter what the product but to hear such positives things… it makes me want to drink a whole bottle of rum and hopefully sleep it off until the 25th… I am THAT excited!!

The sad death of Edward Herrmann as Gilmore patriarch is a blow to the series, as I am sure it was to cast, crew, friends, family of the popular actor but it has served to give Emily Bishop (queen) a really hearty, journey for her story arc and from the trailer she seems to be on FIRE!! “It doesn’t bring me joy” – Yes Emily!! Slaaaaay!!

I am expecting Emmy nominations for these lovely ladies at the very least, Bishop should get one for that line alone!

So to all the Gilmore fans out there we are nearly there the wait is coming to an end so just hang on a little longer…. pure joy is coming!!

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo