Can We Talk About…. Little Mix?

The weekend must have me in a good mood cause we are going for a slightly different change of pace here, we will actually be praising in this post! That’s right that are things, albeit few things, I love.

Two of those things this girl group pull off effortlessly and much to my appreciate and they are being a badass slay queen and being FULL of sass!

These girls slay it single after single, album after album, performance after performance.. FIERCE!

Half of me really wants to roll with them and embrace the slay queen within though the other half does not know if my sass is up to the challenge.

Their most recent single ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ is a revelation of spunky sass, sounding slightly similar to GRL’s ‘Ugly Heart’ (btw you gives a shit they both slaaaaay) aside, this is an absolute anthem that I will be ‘attempting’ to endorse on every dance floor I grace.

A liberating, freeing, f**k you ode to an Ex empowering the dumpees and dumpeets everywhere.

But, does new album ‘Glory Days’ peak with Shout Out to My Ex’ how do they follow this up…?

Enter… ‘You Gotta Not’… Again brimming with attitude and sass, I say the sassier the better girls do your thing hunnies YASSSS get it!!

‘You Gotta Not’ call outs the boys acting as men and tells them basically to get their shit together or get lost, the kind of direct, straight talking im all on board with.

Now, there have been some negative comments in regards the group’s appearance/outfits of the last 12 months to those people I have one thing to say… Shut the F**k up! So what if their outfits are edgier and sexier they are women now that girl and they are embracing their bodies and owning it what better message to send. Are they out at clubs leaving with different guys every night.. NO! They can dress however the hell they like get over if you are so disgusted then jog on there and do not rain on the rest of our parades.

Do you Little Mix continue to slay and be as sassy as you can I am all in, LI-VING!!

Where all my Mixers at? Who’s with me?

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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