Can We Talk About…. Hollywood Performers?

Another day… another lot of interviews #slay. Today’s adventure took me back to the ‘interesting’ streets of Hollywood full of performers and ‘Uncle Joes’ dressed as Batman, Superman or some ridiculous combination of both.

As I treaded the sidewalks of Hollywood encountering these folk I came to a somewhat controversial (shock) conclusion… the standard of performer and more importantly performance is poor… like REALLY poor.

One gentleman ditched the traditional superhero route and was just skating up and move Hollywood Blvd on his skateboard, while being filmed, wearing just ‘tighty whities’… What market exactly is that targeted? Who exactly is that pleasing? Certainly not I who will need a big glass/bottle of wine and extensive therapy to scrub that image from her brain. I thank the lord every moment since that the underwear, appeared, clean… Small mercies I suppose. Granted this man may have just been:

A. Under the influence
B. ADHD sufferer
C. A ‘goof’ FYI that is not a thing its a polite way for people to call you a moron.

Even the more traditional superhero fare definitely need work. A Superman texting on his flip cell phone (more like Sub-parman am I right?), perhaps channeling Clark circa 90s Clark & Lois series or perhaps just a big Adele fan paying homage #hellllooo. More than that his suit seemed to only go halfway up his chest. He was more like Superman after too long at happy hour and post a dodgy taco.

Catwoman is not traditionally taught to be a woman of color, they tried it with Halle Berry who granted is a goddess but we all know how that turned out lets not repeat the mistakes of that ill-fated Hollywood Flopbuster on the streets of Hollywood bit of continuity with the comics would be appreciated.

Shockingly could not find one Batman. Perhaps possible bat men are too intimidated after Ben Affleck’s polarizing turn as the caped crusader… I am really hoping the intensive sarcasm of that sentence is being felt. (Side note stop it Affleck.. you stop that right now)

So c’mon street performers of Hollywood lets raise the game if not for me and your own self-respect but think of the children.. do it for them and hey if it combats their needless moan, whingeing antics it’s a win/win in my book.

Am I expecting too much? I can’t imagine its an easy gig but surely a gig worth doing right?

Join me and get sounding off.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


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