Can We Talk About…. Wig Stylist?

Allow me to set the scene… I am out on one of my many job hunting expeditions when a sign in a shop window catches my eye.. I ready my resume and my best please hire me pose.. I look more closely at the sign which reads… Wig Stylist available..

Needless to say my mind is BLOWN. I have so many questions I can barely contain the sheer excitement, I have never heard somethign so fabulous in my life.

What exactly is a wig stylist’s duties?

Is this a common profession in America?

Why have we not got these heros in Ireland?

How does one become or qualify as a wig stylist?

Are these people just hair stylists who love hair but hate people?

I could go on but I think it is clear I am excited.. Is this a totally untapped market to open up at home, could this be my millionaire dollar revolution?

I want to meet a Wig Stylist so bad so I ask you, my fellow Soundee’s is this a crazy concept one store just dreamed up or is this a standard profession and if your mother, grandmother, brother, childhood playmate is a Wig Stylist.. can I be their friend?

Turning it over to you is this normal, crazy or downright genius.. I know my answer ❤

Sounding off and signing off….

The Sounder XO


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