Can We Talk About…. Craigslist?

As a recent arrival here in the States looking for employment I spend a good portion of my day on Craigslist, scowering for a suitable opportunity. This has taught me two things…

First off, there is some seriously sick, strange people out there in need of urgent counselling or a hug or possible an arrest warrant, I’m not even sure anymore.

Here’s one example that is one of the tammer one’s I have seen


I mean who it their right mind knows these kinds of people and is willing to set up a little tea party. Under compensation the poster writes yes… Well I should really god damn well hope so.

Here’s two examples which seems tame enough to begin with then take a darker turn…



I mean there are certain words you cannot unread or certain images you cannot unsee and both these ads invoke that reaction from me… Thats.. that is just a LOT to take in America..

Then we move on to the down right sad


Casting for homeless or broke girls!! What a hero… how can someone even type that shit its beyond disgusting. To make matters worse the ad calls for recent photos… Do you honestly think if someone is homeless they can supply you with a recent picture.. Jackass!

Finally, we have one that will haunt my dreams and keep me away for many nights to come… I suggest composing yourselves..


That ad poster needs to go straight home take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate his/her shit cause thats just messed up…

In the privacy of your own home with your partner you get up to any kinds of freaky shit thats cool your business, just don’t be coming and dragging Craigslist and the general public into it.

The second thing I have learnt and something which saddens me deeply, people obviously RESPOND to these sorts of ads, there are so many there must be some poor tortured souls who are forced into being a part of 50 Shades of Craiglist… and that… well that makes me sad.

But hey maybe I’m the sick one maybe from my humble country beginnings I am just uneducated in the this. So here is where you can Sound Off, let me know do you agree, not agree, share your experiences.

Sounding Off and Signing Off..

The Sounder





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