Can We Talk About…. Birdy?

One of the most underappreciated artists in recent years in my opinion, Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde aka Birdy. This girl is an absolutely sickly talented English singer/songwriter.

Since releasing her first album in 2011 at just 15 (!!!) Birdy has gone onto become quite the dapper hand at n emotive and uplifting ballad spawning three albums her most recent, 2016’s Beautiful Lies being as close to perfection as you can get. But yet she has yet to achieve the commercial success she deserving with no album or single to hit number 1 as yet.

Look I know it’s not all about number one’s but any artist that says they aren’t important are lying. It ensures your long-lasting career in the music industry. Her music is on another level to the passing fads and ‘singers’ of the moment who seem to hit number one for weeks on end.

Her latest album, Beautiful Lies only hit number 4 on the UK Charts, US Charts do not even get me started on your glaring overlooking of such a talent, an absolute tragedy given the album contains absolute musical slays such as ‘Wild Horses’, ‘Deep End’ and ‘Lost It All’ my three standout tracks, emotional, stirring, intelligent music that just grips you every time.

I find a truly good album can be re-listened to 3-4 times maybe 5, an excellent album has no cut off point I could listen to Birdy’s back catalogue all day, all night, all week, all month hands down a music masterclass in lyrical genius.

Her music is often featured on the big and small screen appearing in episodes of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Being Human’ as well as Blockbuster’s ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, ‘The Hunger Games’ and Pixar’s ‘Brave’ so do not even try to say you have not heard her music.. it is EVERYWHERE!

So quit your twerking and crank up some real music #birdy4grammy

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo


Can We Talk About….Halloween?

Okay I m not even gonna try to be polite about this… I hate Halloween. There I said it.. judge me but it will not change my mind. My hatred for Halloween is one that grows with every passing year from the competitiveness of choosing a costume, by the way the point is to look scary not good going as a ‘businessman’ or ‘model’ is not a f**king costume morons, to the yearly pop culture fads that produce 100’s of identical costumes I am looking at you Stranger Things and Suicide Squad which seem to won the prize for most repeated costume this year.

If I see one more Will, wannabe Winona Ryder or Harley Quinn I may bludgeon either that person or myself.. basically one is us will need to go. I cannot deal with the predictable, cheesy antics of Halloween it drives me to an extra two glasses of wine a night which on top of my standard five glasses just isn’t healthy.

Aside from the adults, then you have them… the children. Never been a great lover of children I have always been a proponent of the whole people should be born like 15 and skip childhood but anywhos, Halloween just takes the things I dislike in a child i.e. lack of volume control, tantrums, candy buzz, sickening cuteness, general childhood wonder and amplifies them to painful levels which I am not ok with.

I am actually considering being that miserable neighbor that gives you fruit or mints when you call trick or treating just in the hope word spreads and it deters further visits. It’s either that or buy a big ass snake but I feel I would be slightly more apprehensive of the snake than the trick or treaters, note I say slightly that could change in the next 24 hours.

Tomorrow I will be stowed away in my apartment watching movies, eating food I will regret later and avoiding all Halloween related activities. Halloween… I got a deal for you…  you don’t come to my door unwelcome and I will not come to yours?

Any other Halloweenaphobes out there? Any Halloween lovers you wanna put me in check? Apologies try to put me in check?

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Little Mix?

The weekend must have me in a good mood cause we are going for a slightly different change of pace here, we will actually be praising in this post! That’s right that are things, albeit few things, I love.

Two of those things this girl group pull off effortlessly and much to my appreciate and they are being a badass slay queen and being FULL of sass!

These girls slay it single after single, album after album, performance after performance.. FIERCE!

Half of me really wants to roll with them and embrace the slay queen within though the other half does not know if my sass is up to the challenge.

Their most recent single ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ is a revelation of spunky sass, sounding slightly similar to GRL’s ‘Ugly Heart’ (btw you gives a shit they both slaaaaay) aside, this is an absolute anthem that I will be ‘attempting’ to endorse on every dance floor I grace.

A liberating, freeing, f**k you ode to an Ex empowering the dumpees and dumpeets everywhere.

But, does new album ‘Glory Days’ peak with Shout Out to My Ex’ how do they follow this up…?

Enter… ‘You Gotta Not’… Again brimming with attitude and sass, I say the sassier the better girls do your thing hunnies YASSSS get it!!

‘You Gotta Not’ call outs the boys acting as men and tells them basically to get their shit together or get lost, the kind of direct, straight talking im all on board with.

Now, there have been some negative comments in regards the group’s appearance/outfits of the last 12 months to those people I have one thing to say… Shut the F**k up! So what if their outfits are edgier and sexier they are women now that girl and they are embracing their bodies and owning it what better message to send. Are they out at clubs leaving with different guys every night.. NO! They can dress however the hell they like get over if you are so disgusted then jog on there and do not rain on the rest of our parades.

Do you Little Mix continue to slay and be as sassy as you can I am all in, LI-VING!!

Where all my Mixers at? Who’s with me?

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Donuts?

A simple, yet amazing pleasure that I feel everyday people take for granted. I know what you are thinking oh everywhere has donuts… Donuts are everywhere blah blah… well I am here to say WRONG!

Donuts outside of America are poor, embarrassing, pale imitations of what they should be.. my hometown does not even have ONE designated donut shop.. I mean what the F**k is life not one..If you are lucky you may track down a stale Tim Horton’s.

Enter America… where shit gets REAL and joy enters my life ❤

Dunkin Donuts, Yum Yum Donuts, Krispy Kreme, YoYo Donuts…. the list is endless and every single one is irreplaceable. This lifestyle is LI-VING!!

Krispy Kreme excels in the glazed donut getting them when they are hot will literally change your life like you wouldn’t believe.

Dunkin Donuts throw some interesting combos at you like Reece’s Peanut Butter square donut… go on treat yoself hunny.

Yum Yum and YoYo do a great traditional, simple donut that is just the cure for that morning Metro ride that makes you want to dive beneath the tracks or safely into traffic.

A donut something so simple, so everyday yet its heroic impact to everyday life is shockingly over looked.


Lets make it happen Soundee’s.

Tell me are you a donut kinda person or a muffin (please do not say muffin)

Join in sound off, get if off your chest, then have a donut and a coffee 🙂

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Hollywood Performers?

Another day… another lot of interviews #slay. Today’s adventure took me back to the ‘interesting’ streets of Hollywood full of performers and ‘Uncle Joes’ dressed as Batman, Superman or some ridiculous combination of both.

As I treaded the sidewalks of Hollywood encountering these folk I came to a somewhat controversial (shock) conclusion… the standard of performer and more importantly performance is poor… like REALLY poor.

One gentleman ditched the traditional superhero route and was just skating up and move Hollywood Blvd on his skateboard, while being filmed, wearing just ‘tighty whities’… What market exactly is that targeted? Who exactly is that pleasing? Certainly not I who will need a big glass/bottle of wine and extensive therapy to scrub that image from her brain. I thank the lord every moment since that the underwear, appeared, clean… Small mercies I suppose. Granted this man may have just been:

A. Under the influence
B. ADHD sufferer
C. A ‘goof’ FYI that is not a thing its a polite way for people to call you a moron.

Even the more traditional superhero fare definitely need work. A Superman texting on his flip cell phone (more like Sub-parman am I right?), perhaps channeling Clark circa 90s Clark & Lois series or perhaps just a big Adele fan paying homage #hellllooo. More than that his suit seemed to only go halfway up his chest. He was more like Superman after too long at happy hour and post a dodgy taco.

Catwoman is not traditionally taught to be a woman of color, they tried it with Halle Berry who granted is a goddess but we all know how that turned out lets not repeat the mistakes of that ill-fated Hollywood Flopbuster on the streets of Hollywood bit of continuity with the comics would be appreciated.

Shockingly could not find one Batman. Perhaps possible bat men are too intimidated after Ben Affleck’s polarizing turn as the caped crusader… I am really hoping the intensive sarcasm of that sentence is being felt. (Side note stop it Affleck.. you stop that right now)

So c’mon street performers of Hollywood lets raise the game if not for me and your own self-respect but think of the children.. do it for them and hey if it combats their needless moan, whingeing antics it’s a win/win in my book.

Am I expecting too much? I can’t imagine its an easy gig but surely a gig worth doing right?

Join me and get sounding off.

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder Xo

Can We Talk About…. Interviews?

Since my landing here in this great, modest land nearly 4 weeks ago I have applied for over 1000 jobs resulting in circa 25 interviews… the statistic alone is just sad.. to type… to read.. to be true… I just…  moving on.

Previously, I have been pretty good at gauging on interview and knowing whether I might make the shortlist or whether they cannot wait for me to leave..

But here in America, you people have such a god damn positive attitude its impossible to tell whether you loathe me or want to marry me and not have children together! Give me tough love if I need it, give me a wink, a finger salute… ANYTHING.. just some sort of idea if we will speak in the future or if we will never encounter one another again.

I legit leave every interview being like… F**K YEAH NAILED IT!! No… still unemployed.

Even worse than that are the fellow interviewees who speak to you, offer you advice, make small talk… what the hell is your game… what cunning plan is afoot here. Are they trying to shake my zen, panic me, befriend me, kill me who knows…

But they share the interviewers totally false happy, friendly, warm demeanour at all costs… For an individual with a heart as black as mine, thats hard to take.

Take one of todays interviewees he arrives to the office wearing his shirt and slacks looking all slick and professional and strutting around like a peacock yeah, yeah great I get it… But wait… I do a double take he is wearing the company colors AS AN OUTFIT! Red shirt and blue pants and tie… In that moment I don’t know whether to vomit in disgust or applaud a man that clearly has his shit together and is playing some serious psychological warfare. 8 hours later and I’m still not sure what to make of it.

So tell me, am I the pessimistic, negative Nancy? Does this kind of shit not slay everyone? Soul destroying? Or, ‘personality building’?

Sounding off and signing off!

The Sounder Xo


Can We Talk About…. Orange?

I mean lets be honest it is a pointless colour. Don’t be alarmed I will not be taking aim at orange the fruit which is a top 3 fruit in this Sounder’s book.

But back to you orange the colour you worthless, waste of letters. A happy realisation dawned on me today, America shares my hatred and disinterest in the colour orange. Here traffic lights are clearly red, yellow/gold and green there is no mention of orange or (shudders)… amber, lets not even go there, thats a WHOLE other post for SURE!

Even the Metro here in Los Angeles the Gold Line colour would be clearly defined as orange at home but not here.. HALLELUJAH! People here see the lack of need for orange a nothign colour that adds no benefit to our society and to be surrounded by like minded individuals at long last has brought a childish smile to my face today.

Thank you America, thank you.

Stay great, and stay hating orange (Sorry, Orange County)

Eternally grateful,

Sounding off and signing off.

The Sounder XO

Can We Talk About…. Wig Stylist?

Allow me to set the scene… I am out on one of my many job hunting expeditions when a sign in a shop window catches my eye.. I ready my resume and my best please hire me pose.. I look more closely at the sign which reads… Wig Stylist available..

Needless to say my mind is BLOWN. I have so many questions I can barely contain the sheer excitement, I have never heard somethign so fabulous in my life.

What exactly is a wig stylist’s duties?

Is this a common profession in America?

Why have we not got these heros in Ireland?

How does one become or qualify as a wig stylist?

Are these people just hair stylists who love hair but hate people?

I could go on but I think it is clear I am excited.. Is this a totally untapped market to open up at home, could this be my millionaire dollar revolution?

I want to meet a Wig Stylist so bad so I ask you, my fellow Soundee’s is this a crazy concept one store just dreamed up or is this a standard profession and if your mother, grandmother, brother, childhood playmate is a Wig Stylist.. can I be their friend?

Turning it over to you is this normal, crazy or downright genius.. I know my answer ❤

Sounding off and signing off….

The Sounder XO

Can We Talk About…. Craigslist?

As a recent arrival here in the States looking for employment I spend a good portion of my day on Craigslist, scowering for a suitable opportunity. This has taught me two things…

First off, there is some seriously sick, strange people out there in need of urgent counselling or a hug or possible an arrest warrant, I’m not even sure anymore.

Here’s one example that is one of the tammer one’s I have seen


I mean who it their right mind knows these kinds of people and is willing to set up a little tea party. Under compensation the poster writes yes… Well I should really god damn well hope so.

Here’s two examples which seems tame enough to begin with then take a darker turn…



I mean there are certain words you cannot unread or certain images you cannot unsee and both these ads invoke that reaction from me… Thats.. that is just a LOT to take in America..

Then we move on to the down right sad


Casting for homeless or broke girls!! What a hero… how can someone even type that shit its beyond disgusting. To make matters worse the ad calls for recent photos… Do you honestly think if someone is homeless they can supply you with a recent picture.. Jackass!

Finally, we have one that will haunt my dreams and keep me away for many nights to come… I suggest composing yourselves..


That ad poster needs to go straight home take a long look in the mirror and reevaluate his/her shit cause thats just messed up…

In the privacy of your own home with your partner you get up to any kinds of freaky shit thats cool your business, just don’t be coming and dragging Craigslist and the general public into it.

The second thing I have learnt and something which saddens me deeply, people obviously RESPOND to these sorts of ads, there are so many there must be some poor tortured souls who are forced into being a part of 50 Shades of Craiglist… and that… well that makes me sad.

But hey maybe I’m the sick one maybe from my humble country beginnings I am just uneducated in the this. So here is where you can Sound Off, let me know do you agree, not agree, share your experiences.

Sounding Off and Signing Off..

The Sounder